Children must sit/stand safe and ergonomically correctly

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EVOLVE ™ is designed based on the philosophy of involving the children in a safe and ergonomically correct manner. It is about children being able to participate in the daily activities together with the adults. Children should be able to explore and develop their sensory and motor skills through involvement and freedom of movement.

The EVOLVE ™ chair can be adjusted without tools so that the child is sitting or standing ergonomically correct. With the patented adjustment system, the chair can be converted into a step stool where the child can stand safely and in ergonomically correct working height when it helps with daily tasks such as cooking, dishwashing, tooth brushing, etc. The EVOLVE ™ chair evolves with the child and can be adjusted as the child grows.

The EVOLVE ™ chair is innovative in terms of involvement and safety when the child is involved in adult height. It gives the child the freedom to help.

Sales to institutions are made directly by m-kids®, so if you want to see or try the EVOLVE ™ chair, contact us at or tel. +45 40 82 12 82

m-kids EVOLVE™

EVOLVE as an assistive product.
EVOLVE is also developed as a tool for children with special needs. It has been taken into account that there are no head, foot or finger traps where the child may get caught, see EN 12182: 2012 point. 13 (Assistive products for persons with disability).
Safety approved. EVOLVE ™ is designed based on the latest safety standards and approved below – EN 14988-1 + A1_2012 (children’s high chairs) and EN 14183: 2003 (Step Stools). 
EVOLVE Materials. For m-kids it is important that we only use the best materials. We place great emphasis on quality, environmental friendliness and easy maintenance. For us, the quality needs to be the best!

Competency development in relation to age

  • 6 months +

    The EVOLVE ™ chair can be used from 6 months of age. Most children can sit in a highchair from 6 months of age...

  • 1-2 years

    In the age of one to two year, the children begin to discover their creative abilities. They are very focused on the sensory challenges...

  • 2-3 years

    Two to three-year-olds enjoy using their senses and exploring their motor functions. They are curious and love to try out...

  • 3-4 years

    Three to four years learn primarily through discovery with all senses. They develop by solving more challenging tasks through...

  • 5 years +

    Five-year-olds are creative and enthusiastic problem solvers who want to be involved. They are becoming even more imaginative when creative solutions

  • BørneSpecialisterne

    At our company, we have tested the EVOLVE chair on several different target groups of children with special needs. Children with difficulties

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