m-kids® EVOVLE™

With m-kids EVOLVE™ chair you can feel completely safe even when your child is a little bit uneasy. The EVOLVE™ chair is designed for children to move and challenge their motor skills. The chair has a solid base, which makes the chair stable even though the child leans beyond the edges. You can freely move around in the kitchen even though your child is standing and working at the kitchen table. You do not have to worry about if your child makes an unjustified step and falls down as if it were on a regular step stool. Your child is safe when working and helping. The EVOLVE chair is quality test for motorized exercise! The EVOLVE™ also been tested and approved by several of the latest international safety standards. Standard tests for stability and body traps (head, foot and finger). The weight load durability has also been tested, so that both you and your child can safely use the EVOLVE™ chair. Safety approvals: EVOVLE ™ is designed based on the latest safety standards and approved- Children’s high chairs EN 14988-1 + A1_2012. High chair EN 14988 + A1_2012 GB – Approval. EVOLVE™ is manufactured in environmentally friendly, durable and cleaning-friendly materials. EVOLVE™ chair is also developed as a tool for children with special needs. It has been taken into account that there are no head, foot or finger traps where the child may get caught, see EN 12182: 2012 point. 13 (Assistive products for persons with disability) – but not approved by this standard.

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