For m-kids® it is important that we only use the best materials. We place great emphasis on quality, environmental friendliness and easy maintenance. For us, quality is very important!

Wood: We produce children’s furniture of sustainable wood from European forests. We mainly use Finnish birch veneer as the inner core of our furniture. All our furniture is painted 2 to 4 times, giving them a delicious silk mat look and a durable surface. We only use paints and varnishes that are easy to maintain. All paint and varnishes are tested and approved according to the European Standard EN71-3 (Specification for migration of certain elements). Our wooden furniture is maintained easily by cleaning with a slightly damp cloth.

Plastic and foam: Our EVOLVE ™ Baby Seat is manufactured in PUR foam, which provides a comfortable support and comfort to the child when being in the chair and it is easy to clean after use. We use PUR foam for optimal comfort. We do not use hazardous gases as a propellant during the foaming phase. PUR foam is produced with minimal use of energy and is a CO2 friendly manufacturing process. Our plastic parts are approved and contain no parabens or phthalates. Our plastic parts are easily cleaned with lukewarm water and mild soap.

Der er ingen produkter i kurven.