COZY baby bed

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Do you like to buy furniture that can be used for many years? Then COZY is the right choice!. COZY bed is a 5-in-1 furniture that can easily be adjusted as your child grows. First, you have a cradle for the newborn with built-chair for mom and dad. As your child grows you can turn it into a crib with built-in seating. Next, you can extend the bed and the bed becomes a cot with two possible heights of the bed base. Later when the child starts exploring its physics and starts crawling out of bed itself, simply remove the small piece of the side, and you now have a junior bed with the possibility of a long or short side rail. Finally, the bed can be made into a small sofa, which can be used for many hours of fun with friends.

Most parents of young children know it too well. You have just put the baby to sleep, and shortly after the sleep is being interrupted by a sore ear or coughing. The headboard of the bed should be raised and you start stacking books under the bed. Not anymore- with the unique elevation function in the COZY bed you can adjust the headboard in 5 different heights – without tools – while the baby is still sleeping.

Facts about COZY bed

COZY bed can be used from newborn to +6 years and subsequently as a sofa. Cozy is a high-quality bed with unique and innovative features.

  • Danish design.
  • Tested and approved according to the latest European standards – EN716
  • 5-in-1 Multi bed with many features and long life
  • You can raise COZY-bed headboard in seconds without tools.
  • The bed is available in white, walnut and oak. Can be combined in the colors
  • The bed weighs 50 kg and has the following dimensions: 70 x 140 cm + 70 x 90 cm (baby).
  • Only one mattress for all combinations (not included)
  • Easy to clean with warm water and soap

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