About m-kids

The idea behind m-kids is to design, produce and sell children’s furniture with safety, multi functionality and quality in focus.

M-kids produces all components for the furniture in Denmark or Europe and we ensure that all products comply with applicable European safety standards.

The first product on the market from m-kids was the high chair EVOLVE ™, which combines the classic well-known baby high chair with a step stool function, so children can now help with the daily tasks in a safe and ergonomically correct manner.

The idea of ​​EVOLVE ™ came in 2013, where we as a family ourselves had the challenge to get our daughter involved in the daily cooking in a safe way. After many considerations and design suggestions, EVOLVE ™ was designed. The idea of EVOLVE ™ is that safety, functionality and easy cleaning must go hand in hand. The focus of m-kids is that children should be involved to evolve. (EVOLVE ™)

Competency development

  • 6 months +

    The EVOLVE ™ chair can be used from 6 months of age. Most children can sit in a highchair from 6 months of age...

  • 1-2 years

    In the age of one to two year, the children begin to discover their creative abilities. They are very focused on the sensory challenges...

  • 2-3 years

    Two to three-year-olds enjoy using their senses and exploring their motor functions. They are curious and love to try out...

  • 3-4 years

    Three to four years learn primarily through discovery with all senses. They develop by solving more challenging tasks through...

  • 5 years +

    Five-year-olds are creative and enthusiastic problem solvers who want to be involved. They are becoming even more imaginative when creative solutions

  • BørneSpecialisterne

    At our company, we have tested the EVOLVE chair on several different target groups of children with special needs. Children with difficulties

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